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Hello! I'm Jessica...

I'm a postpartum doula serving Central Texas! I've been caring for newborns and children for over a decade and believe I have truly found my passion in helping people transition into parenthood. I love the feeling of sharing this time with others... celebrating their joys, sitting with them through the tough moments, and encouraging self-efficacy and confidence in new parents. The Fourth Trimester is a wild ride and nobody should have to do it alone!

My journey here includes a bachelor's degree in psychology, ten years as a private nanny, overnight newborn nannying, and experience as a birth doula both in and out of hospital. I graduated from South Coast Midwifery's Doula Internship Program and subsequently served as their Doula Intern Coordinator for two years. 

When I'm not caring for families I love spending time in nature and being active outdoors. I enjoy cooking, homemaking, and learning new hobbies that help around the house. I'm passionate about keeping life as simple and homemade as possible. 

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to hear from you.

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