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What does postpartum care look like?



  • Assisting with breastfeeding. Evaluating positioning and latching to promote comfortable breastfeeding. Creating a relaxing breastfeeding environment. 

  • Assisting with formula feeding. Creating efficient systems for cleaning and storing bottles and parts. Encouraging bonding during bottlefeeding. Creating a relaxing bottlefeeding environment.

  • Care for newborn. Parents can confidently shower or rest knowing that baby is in good hands. 

  • Bonding tips for family. Bonding and attachment are crucial during baby's first weeks home. Let's find fun ways for the whole family to connect and help care for your newborn!

  • Comfort techniques. Teaching how baby likes to be held and soothed during stressful moments. 

  • Infant care instruction. Bathing, dressing, diapering, and beyond. Teaching how to care for baby in a gentle, loving, and stress-free way.

  • Light meal prep. Meal time shouldn't be stressful. Nourishing meals keep parents energized. 

  • Light tidying. While a doula is not a housekeeper, a neat environment is a calm environment. 

  • Baby's laundry. Poop happens. 

  • Nursery upkeep. Making sure baby's environment is fully stocked, clean, and welcoming. 

  • Bottle and breast pump attachment cleaning. 

  • Emotional support. An open ear eager to hear how you are feeling each day. Someone to process your birth experience with. Your cheerleader through this new life experience. 

  • Customized help attuned to your needs. 

Raising Rosebuds acknowledges that families come in all shapes and sizes. All services are gladly provided to any family, including those choosing adoption, surrogacy, vaginal, or surgical births. 

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